6 Kitchen Color Trends For 2019 That Will Brighten Your Kitchen

Applying kitchen color trends for 2019 is closely related to overall kitchen design that you choose. In the bottom of them all, your personal choice and family opinion must play equal role so that the final look will match every one’s expectation.

In case not all of the family members follow latest kitchen color trends for 2019, you will have to explain current public favorites colors. After that, you and the other family members will deliberate all of the colors then pick up which one suits you all most.

6 Kitchen Color Trends For 2019

6 Kitchen Color Trends For 2019
Image Source : stylebyemilyhenderson.com

As you all already select one particular color that matches desired kitchen design, think also about which store that offers the chosen color. Suppose, you choose certain colors that require special mixture that will not be sold by stores nearby your house. If so, further color hunting needs to be done.

In this article, we would like to share some kitchen color trends for 2019 in case you are still confused which color should be added to your kitchen:

1. White As The Everlasting Kitchen Color Trend

White As The Everlasting Kitchen Color Trend
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You can go a long way with white, for all types of room. We put white as one of the kitchen color trends for 2019 because this color can match for almost all kitchen design. As minimalism trend gets popular, this color is a good option. White reflects cleanliness and simplicity.

Applying this color will probably show your true cooking style that opts natural food ingredients, such as vegetables and fruits. Making home-made foods have been rising as a new way of cooking for modern people.

2. Pastel Color As Alternative Kitchen Color

You can select which pastel color that most properly adjust your kitchen design. Light blue and brown are among widely-chosen colors by home owners. These two go very well with minimalism kitchen style that you choose. What makes pastel color attractive are because they look bright, add positive vibes and stir creativity.

These elements can contribute much for your cooking experiments. You can try different recipes anytime you want for the whole family. You can easily get these pastel colors because usually home essentials stores offer paintings with these colors.

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3. Green For Earth-Friendly Kitchen Theme

Green For Earth-Friendly Kitchen Theme
Image Source : www.kosovamanagement.com

Well, you don’t claim yourself to be an environment activist to apply green as main color of the kitchen. As green campaign has been popular for the last couple of years, why don’t you show your support for this, too? In addition, painting green to your kitchen will hopefully motivate you using more environment-friendly products, reduce plastic bags, and start recycling.

Green is often linked with calmness and tranquility, two elements that are offered by the earth. Whether or not you are keen on applying minimalism kitchen style, this color is a good option. If you pick up this color, you don’t necessarily but kitchen essentials or equipment that look green or greenish.

This color is quite neutral. You can choose brown, white or silver kitchen tools to match with this kitchen color. Applying this color will make your kitchen looking elegant and classy.

4. Red For Anti-Mainstream Kitchen Color

Red For Anti-Mainstream Kitchen Color
Image Source : www.lushome.com

Want to try something different as 2019 just begins? Red is a very brave and nice color to be painted in your kitchen walls. Red is believed to be a color that stimulates appetite. So, why don’t prove it in your kitchen?

Red-colored kitchen will hopefully become the most favorite room in your house. You can do this by especially designing the kitchen. Back in your mind, you expect the bold theme kitchen will invite all family members to hang out, chat and do many fun activities together.

Teaching children how to cook can definitely be beneficial and cool activity that make you getting closer. Instead of registering your kids in a cooking class, you can experiment new recipes together. Choosing to have anti-mainstream kitchen color is actually a good way to get advices from your children if they are already teenagers.

Usually, they are excited when discussing topics that are fresh, new and up-to-date. Aside from designing the kitchen, you can ask for their opinions on kitchen equipment and eating utensils required for the kitchen. Choosing kitchen color, as red, brings a lot of emotional benefits than just coloring the kitchen.

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5. Pink For Kitchen In Apartment

Pink For Kitchen In Apartment
Image Source : Pinterest

Do not hesitate experimenting unusual color, especially if you live alone in an apartment. Living separately from other family members give you a lot of freedom, including picking up favorite color for kitchen. Pink is one of the coolest colors to define your girlish characteristic, no matter how old you are. Pink is associated with creativity, feminine and joy.  

You can imagine cooking in pinkish kitchen. A sense of happiness will lead you enjoying cooking in the kitchen and even trying new recipes. Applying pink for the kitchen will also encourage you regularly cleaning up the kitchen and keeping it tidy. Since you are alone, you can decorate the pinkish kitchen whichever you want. One of them is by placing pinkish accessories, like flowers and clocks in the kitchen.

6. Silvery-Themed Kitchen For Male Adults

Silvery-Themed Kitchen For Male Adults
Image Source : www.homedit.com

While female individuals prefer pink, male counterparts can choose silver for coloring the kitchen. Silver is an appropriate color to show your bravery and masculine trait without feeling too bold like black. This color matches male individuals’ preference for simple and minimal style.

Painting silver for the kitchen will help them completing it with eating utensils and cooking equipment with neutral colors. Silver invites male occupants for keeping it clean, too, much like pink for female residents.

Those are our recommended kitchen color trends for 2019. Please bear in your mind to consider applying one of the colors based on your budget and paint availability. Since kitchen coloring can matter a lot, set aside your time to monitor coloring process so that everything will match your expectation in the kitchen design.

We hope having wonderfully-designed kitchen will drive you going to the kitchen more often, cooking your own meals that will mark your new goal of having healthier body.

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